The wait is OVER! Season’s Beatings’ future is revealed! Register now!!

GDL Entertainment is proud to announce two exciting new events in the spirit of Season’s Beatings: Summer Scam and Season’s Greetings, both shoryucoming in 2013! Register NOWWW!


Season’s Greetings (Dec. 24-25, 2013) will eschew SB’s past focus on fielding the world’s best field of competitors and unforgettable special events to cast a magical environment where everyone is a winner!

A 10-tournament gauntlet masterminded by our local kindergarten class, including: Hula Hoop, Ski Ball, and Pin the Tail on the Donkey!

*Live-streamed pie-eating contest!

*Compete in either Fruit Stripe or Hubba Bubba bubble-blowing event! We know the GCC (gum-chewing community) is divided so we give you BOTH!


*High-stakes Rock/Paper/Scissors event (invitation only)!

*SECRET BONUS: “I’m the best!” Toad ribbons for all who enter “Mario Teaches Typing” tournament!

*Free balloon or candy cane with weekend pass!

*On-site petting zoo, feat. goats and horsies!

This is my tournament, and I’m going to have fun! So will you! This guy agrees!

But we haven’t sprayed weed killer on our hardcore roots entirely. Our summer event returns as SB: Summer Scam (date TBD)!


Street Fightr IV and Ultmate Marvel vs. Capcom 3 tournaments! That’s all you need to know, right? BUT WAIT, THERE’S MORE. Look at these exciting things we totally guarantee will be going down:

* Everyone will be there! Including all the famous players you know from streams, and all your friends!


* Sponsored by: 


*A bunch of proceeds go to a leading charity!

*Special appearance by Josh Cribbs and Braylon Edwards!  Maybe more famous people will come too, we know evvvverybody!

Isn’t that awesome? You should totally pre-reg at the early-bird rate of $38.99, right now! (And for the Season’s Greetings this winter, while you’re at it, right?)

Season’s Beatings has a six-year tradition of being sweet, so you can trust us that our 2013 events will be exponentially sweeter. Like if Season’s Beatings: Ascension was as sweet as a 10-liter bottle of Jolt Cola, Summer Scam will like a pack of Starburst two miles long.












Welcome back for another exciting year for Season’s Beatings: the one of the world’s best fighting-game experiences!

Pre-registration closes at 11:59 p.m. Sunday night — do not wait! If you pre-reg, not only do you receive an expertly crafted SBa dogtag, but you will be seeded by region into the games of your choice and know in advance what time to report to your pool. Do it now, and please book your hotel room!

Here’s the schedule for games — find what time you’re playing here, and you will now your assigned pool by next Tuesday or Wednesday!

This year, get set for U.S. vs. The World in Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, five-on-five, as well as a Street Fighter IV event of the world’s strongest Team, Evil Geniuses, versus the best of the rest (5v5).

Also, Mr. Street Fighter himself, Alex Valle, will be attending SB for the first time. Famous to anyone who’s kept up with Street Fighter since time began, Valle is still a top force in high level Street Fighter and a threat to win it in, in the moldy oldies like Street Fighter Alpha 2 and in the most popular fighter on the planet, Street Fighter IV.

Furthermore, IGL|Bala and IGL|TheAnswer, two of the world’s top names in King of Fighters, are attending SB thanks in part to SB partners Console Combat. We’re excited to have them here as Bala seeks revenge against Cafeid MadKOF in what was the most epic KOF set of all time in EVO 2012 Grand Finals!

Dead or Alive 5 Director Yohei Shimbori is confirmed to be attending Season’s Beatings: Ascension on Sept. 28-30! Take part in audience Q&A and to pick up some ProTips for the launch-week DOA5 SBa tournament.

Don’t miss out on one of the world’s top fighting-game events, with a $5,000 guaranteed minimum pot for Super Street Fighter IV: Arcade ed. 2012 and Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, and a $1,000 guaranteed minimum pot for Tekken Tag Tournament 2. $500 pot bonus for DOA5 and $250 pot bonus for Skullgirls, too!

Confirmed international players include: Korea’s WW.MCZ Laugh, WW.MCZ Infiltration and Cafeid MadKOF; Chile’s Kaneblueriver; and Japan’s FRB Mamespider.

Also, Dead or Alive 5 Director Yohei Shimbori will be attending and participating in audience Q&A before DOA5 pools begin. Don’t miss this exciting opportunity to meet one of the top minds behind the millions-selling fighting-game serires!

Friday, Sept. 28, through Sunday, Sept. 30, 2012

Holiday Inn – Cleveland (S. Independence)

6001 Rockside Road, Independence, Ohio 44131 ( Directions/HotelDetails )

$89/night — Book online (room block secured) or call: 1.800.315.2621 – Click here to book online!

Click here for the full interview for insight into one of the world’s top — and most mysterious — FGC communities. We are so proud to be showcasing Mexico in this year’s SB headlining event! Stay tuned for more exciting reveals.

Learn about the runbacks Frutsy is hungry for at SBa, his feelings about being on the spotlight in U.S. vs. the World and EVO 2012,  and what he’s going to eat for victory food!

We also have the exciting announcement that Frutsy’s two close friends and fellow top players from Mexico, EM Taekua (9th at EVO 2012) and VS Wolf, will be making the trip to SBa as well! We’re honored to be hosting them and looking forward to helping them represent Mexico’s community to the whole world!

Stay tuned for more exciting announcements, and please refer to the Registration page and the Rules page for info on booking your discounted hotel and answers to (most) of your questions.

Please email us at for more info, or contact us through twitter (@gdlkEnt) and Facebook by clicking the buttons on the left column of our page! Spread the word that Season’s Beatings is continuing our tradition or hype by doing it bigger than ever for 2012!

Godlike Entertainment staff has confirmed: Chris G confirms first-to-10 with TA Frutsy at SBa! The Mexicans claim to hold hardcore anti-Morrigan tech — will it be enough to stop the East Coast’s EVO finalist?

TA Frutsy EVO 2012 Tribute (by SpaceInvaderSpecimen)

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